Borrowing Rollator with forearm support


The borrowing is free and contingent on deposit fee of 240 NIS, which will be returned with the return of the equipment.

Loan period: Three months, which may be extended if necessary. 

Rollator with forearm support and wheels, does not fold, intended for people who need support and stability in walking, and are unable to straighten up.

The Rollator with forearm support has armrests that make it easier to grasp the Rollator.

The Rollator is adjustable – telescopic, and can be adjusted to any height required.

There are a variety of walking aids, and it is always recommended to consult with a professional about choosing, which is tailor to each one and every situation.

Can be ordered for delivery to your home by clicking the “Add to home delivery”, or contact the nearest Yad Sarah branch.

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