Borrowing a wheelchair for children, width 36 cm, Yad Sarah.


The borrowing is free and is contingent on leaving a deposit fee of NIS 300, which will be returned upon the return of the equipment.

Lending period: Three months, may be extended if necessary.

You can purchase a coated sponge cushion, for the convenience of sitting. And also lend a table for a wheelchair. 

Here at Yad Sarah we loan wheelchairs for all needs. A standard wheelchair for children is a standard chair with a width suitable for children, used for self-propulsion of the occupant, or for transport by a companion. The use of the chair is intended for persons with temporary or permanent disabilities. The chair is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Specification: User weight: Up to 70 kg. Full length, including legs (static): 110 cm. Full width: 54 cm. Folded width: 27.5 cm. Height: 91 cm. Front wheel diameter: 20 cm. Rear wheel diameter: 61 cm.

You can choose between standard leg pads (natural posture) and raised – straight leg pads, in case the knee cannot be folded.

Can be ordered for delivery to your home by clicking the “Add to home delivery” or contact your nearest Yad Sarah branch.


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User guide and Safety instructions for the proper and effective use in a wheelchair.


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