Borrowing a home 5 Liter oxygen cylinder – Yad Sarah

The borrowing is free and contingent on leaving a deposit fee of 100 NIS, which will be returned upon the return of the equipment. 

The loan period: 3 months and can be extended when needed.

The home 5 Liter oxygen cylinder, helps people with breathing difficulties, who are in need of a supplemental oxygen, on a temporary or permanent base, and are in a home environment. With the borrowing of the cylinder, it is required to fill it, which require a payment of 35 NIS (which will not be returned). You can do so here.

  • In addition, in order to operate the cylinder a gage is needed, for a deposit fee of 100 NIS. If you have already borrowed a gage, you can transfer it from one cylinder to another.
  • You can purchase “goggles” which deliver the oxygen directly to the nose for 10 NIS.

There are accessories, which can make the permanent use of the oxygen cylinder easier:

  • Borrowing a cylinder carrying cart, if you need to carry it around – for a deposit fee of 40 NIS.
  • Borrowing a carrying bag for the cylinder, if you wish to carry it on you – for a deposit fee of 50 NIS.
  • Purchasing a wetting bottle for 10 NIS.
  • Purchasing a bottle of sterile water for wetting for 15 NIS.

Can be ordered for delivery to your home by clicking the “Add to home delivery” or contact your nearest Yad Sarah branch.



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