Borrowing a bath transfer bench – Yad Sarah


The borrowing is free and contingent on leaving a deposit fee of 150 NIS, which will be returned upon the return of the equipment. 

The loan period: 30 days and can be extended when necessary. 

The bathing chair for the bath aids in a safe entrance of a bather, and also allows sitting inside the bath, for people who has difficulties in getting in / out of the bath, or that raising their legs might pose a serious risk. it also serves as a chair with a backrest. The chair is extremely stable, thanks to the four legs, with two of them outside the bath and two inside. The bather sits on the outside part of the bench and easily drag himself towards the inward part of the bath, while raising his legs over the bath wall.

Can be ordered for delivery to your home by clicking the “Add to home delivery” or contact your nearest Yad Sarah branch.


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