Borrowing a crib Yad Sarah


The borrowing is free and contingent on leaving a deposit fee of 200 NIS, which will be returned upon the return of the equipment. The loan period: 6 months.

Crib borrowing service by Yad Sarah, serves high percentage of the newborn babies in Israel! The crib is made out of wood, it is safe and strong, and very comfortable for the baby. The crib dimensions are approximately 90 cm X 50 cm. The mattress which is supplied along with the crib is approximately 47 cm X 85 cm (In accordance with the existing stock).

Can be ordered for delivery to your home by clicking the “Add to home delivery” or contact your nearest Yad Sarah branch.


  • רכישה אופציונלית של מזרון חדש לעריסה המשאלת על ידי יד שרה. קוד ערכה  54050. 

    העריסה מגיעה עם מזרון נקי ללא תוספת תשלום. באם רוצים לרכוש מזרון חדש, ניתן לעשות זאת כאן.


    • 45 ₪
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